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At Mega City Tiling, safety is taken seriously. Properly maintained tools and equipment, all Personal Protective Equipment and Training Certificates are priority. 

Safety Information, Safety Policy, Material Safety Data Sheets and COVID-19 protocols available upon approved requests.

With different products being installed, proper cleaning and maintenance is an important part to ensure the finished product wears properly as per manufacturer’s standards.  A few maintenance suggestions and instructions are available in PDF format and can be opened through Acrobat (download here).

NOTE: Always follow manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations which will always supersede this website's suggested information.

Maintenance Guide for Tiles & Terrazzo
Maintenance Guide for Natural Stones
Maintenance Guide for Carpet
General Carpet Stain Removal
Laminate Maintenance Guidelines
Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Guidelines
Maintenance Guide for Luxury Vinyl Tile
Maintenance Guide for Vinyl Sheet

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